Digitalization is our core strategy for the coming 15 years, as well as the core support for our sustainable development and growth.

The origin of the enterprise is the guiding principle, the enterprise is empowered by the digital transformation. Create digital enterprise management and promote digital grid, digital energy and digital society integrated with digital technology, to fulfill the objective of ‘Cherish environment, Treasure resources’. Follow these steps to transform into a digital enterprise:

Firstly, top-level design by combining with scientific -technological environment, political environment and economic environment; focusing on the three core strategies of products, services and experiences; guiding by demand-driven, model-driven and test-driven.

Secondly, carry out digital strategy through the three processes (origin process, basic process and scene process), three data (origin data, basic data and scene data), and three algorithms (origin algorithm, basic algorithm and scene algorithm).

Doing so will achieve the digitization of the whole life cycle of products, services and experiences, and make our mission come true.

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