Career Mentor System

The career mentor system is a new employee training system that came into effect in 2010. In short, after the induction of newcomers, we will assign a senior employee as the career mentor of each newcomer to help them sharpen their business skills and meet job requirements as soon as possible. Newly-appointed career mentors are outstanding players in our core business fields. Guided and supported by the mentors, the newcomers have grown better and faster in the great family of DFE.

Since the career mentor system came into effect 10 years ago in 2010, we have recruited over 1,000 career mentors and trained over 2,000 newcomers. Practices have proved that the career mentor system not only effectively shortened the “run-in period” for newcomers to work smoothly and adapt as early as possible, but also brought the relations between employees and enterprises closer and enhanced the sense of belonging and cultural identity among employees.

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