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Develop Comprehensive Smart Energy Service to Help Fulfill the National Dual-carbon Strategy
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As the brain of integrated energy service, smart energy management, based on IoT and cloud technologies, provides multi-dimensional services including multi-functional panoramic monitoring, refined energy efficiency management, multi-energy collaborative and optimal control, intelligent operation and maintenance, virtual power plant and carbon asset management, so as to ensure the energy use is “visible”, “manageable” and “saved”, and help enterprises, campuses, hospitals, airports, buildings, industrial parks and other users to improve their energy management and achieve the goals of reliable energy supply, fine energy use and energy efficiency.

01 Multi-energy full-dimensional perception

By deploying local intelligent acquisition and control terminals for cooling, heating, electricity, gas, water, etc., the plug-and-play real-time acquisition of multi-energy system is realized, thus fulfilling the informatization and intelligent management of multi-energy system and providing data support to constructing the refined energy management.

02 Refined energy-efficiency management

Through various business functions such as meter reading, energy balance chart, energy Kanban, energy use statistics, cost analysis, multi-dimensional bench-marking analysis, and energy use prediction, we can timely find weak points in the energy-use process, provide accurate analytical reports, achieve energy conservation, consumption and emission reduction, and improve the quality of energy management.

03 Optimal energy efficiency and closed-loop control

It terminates the status quo of monitoring without controlling in most smart energy management. Through the horizontal multi-energy coordinated and optimal control of “cooling, heating, electricity, gas and water”, and the vertical “source grid load storage” coordinated optimal scheduling, it realizes the multi-energy coordinated optimal control, fully taps the energy-saving potential, achieves energy-efficiency and consumption reduction, reduces carbon emissions, boosts the achievement of the dual-carbon goal, and achieves both economic and social benefits.

1) Support horizontal and vertical indicator analysis with multiple ranges and dimensions to identify abnormal energy consumption.

2) Considering the system operation, formulate and optimize control energy-saving plan and energy use strategy.

3) Based on data changes on monitoring platform, track how the energy-efficiency plan is executed.

04 Situation early warning and awareness

Through the situation early warning and awareness technology, it makes early-warning perception and analysis of the current and future operation situation of the enterprise’s integrated energy system and other users, identifies intelligently the abnormal measurement in advance and other abnormal working conditions, carries out the intelligent alarm push prompt, so as not to affect the production while improving the stability of the integrated energy system.

05 Intelligent operation and maintenance management

It conducts remote monitoring and centralized operation and maintenance management of many scattered photovoltaic, energy storage, distribution rooms, water pump rooms, etc. Through remote centralized real-time monitoring, worksheet management, operation and maintenance plan management, fine intelligent analysis, etc., it realizes the regulated operation and maintenance management while reducing the operation and maintenance cost.

Typical practice

1. The national key R&D project - Pearl Industrial Park

The national key R&D project Guangzhou Pearl Industrial Park is the sole national integrated energy project at the national “13th Five-year Plan Sci-tech Innovation Achievement Exhibition”, which transforms the traditional electric energy management into the integrated energy management that supports multi-energy coupling and multi-user interaction. At the same time, it realizes the precise control of the whole process of complex coupling energy production, transmission, storage and use, whose R&D and application are of great significance to break the relatively fragmented status of various energy medium management of cooling, heating, electricity, gas and water, etc. and improve the integrated use efficiency of energy. Its application and promotion value is significant.

2. Dongguan integrated energy interconnection and sharing platform

It plans and builds the Songshan Lake “1+n+1” smart grid and energy, e.g., build a highly-reliable power grid, build N integrated energy projects on the power grid side or user side, and build an energy interconnection and sharing platform based on highly-reliable power grid and integrated energy stations. The project realizes the full coverage of photovoltaic, energy storage, flexible load, charging station, micro grid, intelligent distribution room and other major integrated energy elements at the energy consumption side, and will be expanded and built into an integrated energy service platform reaching the whole city of Dongguan in the future to realize the interconnection and sharing of municipal integrated energy resources.

3.The general contracting project of UnisYue Technologies Zero Carbon Smart Industrial Park

The general contracting project of UnisYue Technologies Zero Carbon Smart Industrial Park includes four construction contents, namely, distributed photovoltaic, battery energy storage, intelligent integrated energy management and carbon asset management. By making full use of a variety of digital technology applications, such as distributed photovoltaic renewable energy generation, refined closed-loop energy efficiency control, horizontal multi-energy coordination of cooling, heating, electricity, gas and water, vertical source grid load storage optimal scheduling, and carbon asset management, the project realizes energy conservation, cost reduction and efficiency upgrade, so as to create a zero carbon smart industrial park.

4. Weichai smart energy management project

The intelligent energy management of Weichai realizes the full-dimensional monitoring of the operation information of water, electricity, gas (natural gas, steam, compressed air), oil and other energy systems and equipment in its four industrial parks. It has the functions of energy plan management, energy consumption statistical analysis, energy difference rate management, comprehensive assessment and so on. At the same time, it takes digital means as the starting point to help with energy saving and emission in the company.

After nearly ten years of development in the field of intelligent integrated energy services, DFE has accumulated rich experience in energy-saving diagnosis planning, software and hardware product R&D and integrated implementation. Continuing to build its core technical competitiveness in the field of intelligent integrated energy services, DFE has developed the E2800 regional integrated energy management system, which adopts the layered design concept to provide customers with an overall solution for intelligent energy management from bottom to top. The solution has passed the sci-tech result appraisal made by the expert panel led by academicians and organized by the China Electrotechnical Society, whose key technologies take the leading position in the world.

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